They help us push the limits:
Kabaret would still be an idea without

Contributors & Testers

Code, Fixes, Bug Report, RFE, Brainstorms, ...

Damien 'Dee' Coureau

Flavio Perez

Valerian Prevost

Ivans Saponenko

Steeve 'Firegreen' Vincent

Baptiste Delos

Manuel Rais

Jean-François Sarazin


Kabaret's biggest value is not in its code but in the accumulated experience we used to design it.There have been major actors on this journey, most notably: [Fr], for effervescence.

Etienne ‘Chex’ Pecheux, on the dataflow and automation.

Albert ‘Lobo’ Bonnefous, on the overall CG world.

Pierrick ‘Ick’ Brault, on pipeline and asset exploitation.

Thierry ‘Mamouth’ Lauthelier, for ignition.

Alexis Casas, for understanding and support.

Nicolas ‘Nikko’ Brack, for endless higher expectations :)

We welcome patches, bug reports, RFEs, brainstorms, support...If you think your name should appears here, please contact us