VFX/Animation Studio Framework


Several editors enhancements
Organize Actions in sub-menus
Configurable double click Action
More options for Custom Pages
Easier cross-project access
Built-in cross-project references
Built-in support for in-process multiple Sessions
Versatile flow customization system based on type injection
New Relation type to show anything anywhere you want
Several UI/UX improvements
10x faster page load
Unicode support
Support for latest redis version

Have fun !
And please report any issue on our discord server :)


Kabaret is a Free and Open Source VFX/Animation Studio Framework.

It is made for TDs and Scripters involved in Production Tracking, Asset Management, Workflow and Pipelines used by Production Managers and CG Artists.

Total Freedom

Kabaret does not assume anything about your needs, your workflow or your pipeline.

Every decision is yours.

We just give you the tools to make them come True.

All in one

The taste of Production tools, with the power of Pipeline automation.

Manage Statuses and Processes in conjunction and let them cooperate.

No need to interface with a third party production tracker (but easily do it if you want).


Made for instantaneous in project update, with automatic data recovery on roll-back.

Your project evolves freely and without stress.

You don't need to plan ahead every possible issues you might face, 

just react to the real ones, when they actually get real.


Your project is not a collection of documents. It is a single, collaboratively edited Object (à la Google Doc).

All users instantaneously see changes made by others, by automation tools and Farm jobs.

Embed in Maya, Nuke, ...

Pure python 2.7/3.3+ makes kabaret embedding in any Qt base application a breeze (PyQt4, PyQt5, PySide, PySide2)

We provide Maya and Nuke Embedded Session, Blender almost ready...

Many projects have already been using Kabaret with blender, using a gui-less session.

Production Proofed

Kabaret has been used in production for more than ten years.

We can't remember how were we coping without all this freedom and reactivity ! :D


Push Dataflow - React to user input.

Lazy Pull Dataflow - Compute value on request only.

Workflow style graph - Loop, Gate, Assignment...

One-to-Many implies Many-to-One - All References are bi-directional. 

This means that when you put Assets in Shots, you automatically know which Shots use a particular Asset.

When assign yourself to Tasks, you automatically know all the Tasks you are assigned to. 

Ultra Fast Prototyping

Focus on your concepts and how they interact,  not on how to store or present them.

No database schema, your objects and their relations evolve seamlessly with your ideas.

Live reload, see your changes without restarting your App or DCC.

Smart + Cute

Presentation matters and User Experience is as important as Pipeline Automation.

With Kabaret you define your flow and its graphical interface in the same place, at the same time.

Brand the GUI with your icons, colors, etc..

Extend with custom views.

Scriptable: 100% Command Based

All the GUI is built with commands that you can also use to script anything you want.

The kabaret.script_view extension let you inspect and call any object in your project.

You're in total control !


Kabaret framework is made to be extended:

Create Actors to override or provide additionnal commands (User Management, Task Scheduling).

Extend the GUI with custom Views (Gantt, Reports...) 

Distribute reusable Flow Objects as standard python packages.

(There are a lot them already, and they're open-source too !)